Community Garden

We hope our garden can teach and share basic fundamental Native American stories, practices, customs related to crops, plants, herbs and the healing elements of food as it relates to health and the community.


Located near the corner of Indian School Road and Central Avenue (across from NATIVE HEALTH), The NATIVE HEALTH Community Garden promotes health and wellness, and allows NATIVE HEALTH to focus on its role of creating healthier families and environment with the community. NATIVE HEALTH uses the garden to educate, mentor and support community gardeners as they plant, maintain and harvest. The community gardens' overall goal is to help families and community members have access to healthier foods through small gardening.

NATIVE HEALTH collaborted with Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton's office and PHX Renews to launch the community garden. Arizona-based Native Seeds/SEARCH—a non-profit organization that promotes seed conservation—donated seeds for the first crop of gardeners. Gardeners can participate in ongoing workshops and hands-on learning experiences sponsored by NATIVE HEALTH. At the end of the growing season, NATIVE HEALTH hosts a harvest celebration for gardeners to enjoy healthy foods made from the harvest and to share stories.

Garden beds are available to anyone on a first-come, first-serve basis. To sign up for a garden bed, or for more information please contact Anisa Garcia, NATIVE HEALTH Health Promotion Specialist at (602) 279-5262, ext. 3306 or email:


The NATIVE HEALTH Community Garden is open daily, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. We kindly ask gardeners to:

  • Please park in designated areas and do not leave child(ren) unattended
  • Stay on designated walking and driving paths
  • Respect other gardeners plants/gardens
  • Respect other gardeners’ tools and supplies.  If you borrow, please kindly return to owners.
  • Help maintain grounds to keep NATIVE HEALTH Community Garden beautiful and presentable. Do not leave trash behind.
  • Garden hoses must not be removed from water tanks and used with other tanks.
  • Please roll up garden hoses and neatly place by water tanks when done with watering raised bed, to prevent other gardeners or visitors from driving and/or walk over the hoses.