Dating Abuse Awareness – What about our youth?

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By Anisia Sieweyumptewa
NATIVE HEALTH Case Manager, Victim’s Services

Dating violence among young adults is a significant problem across the nation. It is important to learn the facts and know the available resources in your community. You may just save a life!


  • Almost 1.5 million high school students across the nation have experienced physical abuse from a dating partner
  • 1 in 3 youjng adults in the U.S. is a victim of physical, emotional, sexual or verbal abuse
  • 1 in 10 high school students have been purposefully physically assaulted by their partner

Did you ever wonder why there’s an awareness campaign dedicated to shedding light on dating violence? Well, among female victims of intimate partner violence, 94% are ages 16-19 years old and 70% are 20-24 years old. Young women ages 16-24 experience the highest rate of intimate partner violence, which is triple the national average (, 2017). Aren’t these numbers mind-blowing?

College students, have you ever thought about dating abuse statistics for young adults in college?

  • 43% of dating college women report experiencing abusive and violent dating behaviors from an intimate partner
  • 1 in 3 college students have given their dating partner access to their computer, email or social networking profiles and these students are more likely to experience digital dating abuse
  • 16% of college women have been sexually abused in a dating relationship

Long Lasting Effects
Violent relationships in young adults can have serious ramifications and can put the individual at higher risk for substance abuse, risky sexual behavior, eating disorders and further domestic violence. Teen girls who’ve been physically or sexually abused are six times more likely to become pregnant and twice as likely to get a sexually transmitted disease. Teens who have been victims of both dating violence and rape attempt suicide.

NATIVE HEALTH offers support services to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. Support services include: case management, counseling, prevention education and women’s empowerment group. If you are Native American and/or Alaskan Native, 13 years and older, and live in the Phoenix metro area and are needing assistance please call (602) 279-5262, ext. 3210 or email: