Electronic Benefits has come to NATIVE HEALTH WIC

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WIC benefits are much easier and more convenient to use than ever before.  Paper checks are a thing of the past as the new eWIC card works just like a debit card.
Now you can:
  • Use an eWIC card to get your WIC foods
  • Buy as few or as many WIC foods at one time as you want (with the eWIC card, you do not need to buy all your milk or cereal at once)
  • Check out faster at the grocery store – all you do is scan your card! It’s that easy
There is even a new WIC app that you can download on your phone to make your shopping even easier.  With the app, you can:
  • get a list of stores that accept WIC
  • see which benefits are available on your card
  • find recipes and nutrition hacks using WIC foods
  • scan barcodes at the store to see if an item is WIC eligible or not (and you can even request items to be allowed by WIC)
So if you haven’t been to WIC for a while, come on in to learn more and get an eWIC card.
To enroll with WIC, please call for an appointment or come in to any of our WIC locations: 
  • NATIVE HEALTH WIC @ 16th Street
  • NHW Community Health Center
  • NATIVE HEALTH Guadalupe
Bring proof of ID, address and the last 30 days of income for the family.  Please call for details on WIC requirements including paperwork. NATIVE HEALTH staff are happy to help and we hope to see you soon. For more information call (602) 263-1558 or email: smazhar@nachci.com