NATIVE HEALTH Donor Recognition Display

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NATIVE HEALTH has installed an artistic piece that recognizes charitable donations to the agency. Administration has intended for several years to develop a display to provide public recognition of valued partners that contribute to agency success.

NATIVE HEALTH commissioned Michael Adams, a Hopi artist from Flagstaff to develop two pieces that recognize the generosity of individuals, corporations and foundations that have provided donations either financially or in-kind. The “Circle of Friends” display recognizes individuals, couples or families that have made contributions of $500 or more. The $500 threshold may be met through one-time or cumulative donations over a period of time. The “Circle of Partners” display notes entities that have provided charitable gifts inclusive of corporations and foundations. The Recognition Displays were placed in the lobby area of the NATIVE HEALTH Administrative Offices, 4041 N. Central Avenue, Building D on December 28, 2017. The artist, Michael Adams, delivered the pieces and supervised the installation.

Michael Adams is an artist, author, motivational speaker and entrepreneur. He creates artistic jewelry by placing his designs on gourds or wood. The four foot diameter recognition displays are a significantly larger than the majority of his work. Michael’s relationship with NATIVE HEALTH was initiated as part of the Laughter is the Best Medicine fund raising event. He has designed and produced the plaques for the Honorees since the initial event in 2014. He has also generously contributed artistic pieces to the Laughter is the Best Medicine silent auction. Gourd Jewels is the name of Michael’s business and his Website; provides additional information about him and his art. NATIVE HEALTH’s Board of Directors, Administrative and Programmatic personnel thank Michael for his beautiful pieces that will adorn the agency lobby from this time forward.

NATIVE HEALTH is pleased to recognize those that provide charitable support for the agency and will continually update the displays as donations are received. Those that contribute specifically to the ‘Laughter is the Best Medicine’ annual fundraiser event are recognized through mechanisms specific to the event and are not noted on these Donor Recognition displays.

NATIVE HEALTH is greatly appreciative of the many people that provide support. The communities the agency serves benefit tremendously from their kindness.