Need Relief From Your Title Loan?

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Four community-focused organizations have partnered to launch a program to assist Maricopa County residents struggling to pay off high-cost car title loans. The program is called “Lend a Hand,” and is being offered through a partnership between the Arizona Community Foundation, MariSol Federal Credit Union, the Phoenix IDA, and Take Charge America. The program will pay off up to $2,000 in car title loans and help put borrowers on a path to healthy credit and financial success.

Qualified borrowers receive free professional credit counseling through Take Charge America, and a loan with favorable terms through MariSol Federal Credit Union. This arrangement offers the opportunity to simultaneously establish a savings account and banking relationship for other potential financial needs.

Click here to visit the website or click here: Lend_a_hand_trifold_FinalPrinted to download and Adobe PDF brochure.