Circles of Care Program

The purpose of the Circles of Care (CoC) program is to give American Indian and Alaska Native (AIAN) communities the tools and resources to plan and design a holistic, community-based, coordinated system of care to support mental health and wellness for children, youth and families within Maricopa County.

The Circles of Care (CoC) program is based on the system of care principles. In a system of care model, families and youth work together with agencies to develop mental health services and supports that work to build on the strengths of individuals and each person’s cultural and language needs. Using a Community-based participatory research approach, the project will address the mental health care services including policy reform, building a system, and community engagement based on the system of care principles and trauma informed care.

We need and value your participation

The CoC program staff, community members, providers, children, youth, and families would like to have you join their efforts as they design a holistic community-based, coordinated system of care that will support mental health and wellness for our AIAN communities in Maricopa County. You can participate in any of the following ways:

  • Community adults, youth, and providers are encouraged to serve on the CoC Steering Committee.
  • Adults can participate in a focus group.
  • Youth and community members can develop a media campaign to spread the news about the system of care.
  • Youth 11-24 can participate in cultural workshops.
  • Agencies can partner with NATIVE HEALTH to develop policy and trainings.

A description of program activities:

Youth Media Campaign
Youth are involved on an ongoing basis to develop a media campaign with flyers, posters, videos, and live streams of events. Workshops are held twice a month and youth who participate will receive a variety of incentives as well as social media skills.

Agency Collaboration
We want to partner with agencies to develop policy, training curriculum, and to provide training to agencies who provide behavioral and mental health services to AIANs.

Focus Groups
We are seeking adults from a range of different ages, Tribes, work backgrounds, and genders to take part in a two-hour discussion related to behavioral and mental health topics. Participants will be served light refreshments and given a $20 gift card for their time.

Becoming a Circles of Care Steering Committee Member

Click here: CoC Steering Committee Application to download registration form.

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