Diabetes Prevention

NATIVE HEALTH provides pre-diabetes and diabetes counseling, healthy living education and support to patients with pre-diabetes, diabetes and their families.

Individual sessions include an assessment, education and an individualized plan of care. The goal of diabetes education and workshops are to empower those with pre-diabetes and diabetes to learn self-care strategies, healthy eating and lifestyle habits,  and goal setting, which helps prevent the long term complications of diabetes by optimizing blood glucose control and diabetes self-management skills.

Native Health Diabetes Prevention has Diabetes Support Circle, held every third Thursday of the month via Zoom. The purpose of the Diabetes Support Circle is to receive and provide support with your fellow community members living with diabetes. 

To schedule an appointment with the Diabetes Care and Education Specialist at NATIVE HEALTH Central call (602) 279-5262 or at NHW Community Health Center, please call (602) 279-5351. For more information the workshops please call Amber at (602) 279-5262, ext. 3314  or email: atso@nachci.com