Mission Statement, Vision and Core Values

Mission:  To provide accessible holistic patient centered care, to empower our community to achieve the highest quality health and well-being.

Vision: Healthy People in Healthy Communities.

Values: In the tradition of our people, NATIVE HEALTH continues to carry the core values that help strengthen individuals and families by providing services in an atmosphere of hospitality and respect for the dignity of each person involved in the caring and healing process and is further characterized by professional excellence.
These core values are (C.I.R.C.L.E.):
Community:  Our unique service to the urban Phoenix Native American population and others we serve is honored as we are chosen as their medical home within the available health care community.
Integrity:  Our organizational integrity requires that as we express our intent in a clear and honest manner, we trust that the truth will ultimately be demonstrated by our positive actions.
Respect:  The needs of others have brought them to seek our services; they return because we value their individual needs and participation.
Compassion:  We provide services that are holistic, client-centered, and moving towards full service integration to better serve the needs of the individual.
Leadership:  We believe in passion, persistence, and imagination in getting results.
Excellence:  A shared expectation that our products, healthcare services, and personal relationships are of a superior quality.