NATIVE HEALTH's Virtual Medical, Behavioral Health and Emergency Dental Visits

NATIVE HEALTH offers virtual visits to medical, dental, and behavioral health patients who want quality care from experienced providers without traveling to one of our clinics. Virtual visits allow you to have an appointment with a NATIVE HEALTH provider on your computer, tablet, or cell phone.

Call (602) 279-5262 to schedule your virtual visit.





NATIVE HEALTH is now offering virtual health care. A virtual visit is done via phone, tablet, or computer and can be done on the phone or through Zoom where you can actually see and talk to the provider. No special equipment or apps are needed. Your provider can cover a wide range of topics such as illness, infection follow up, medication refills, high blood pressure questions, parenting issues, urinary tract infections, emergency dental pain, lab results, and much, much more. COVID-19 testing available.

If virtual visits are not an option for you, our clinics are still open. Please call (602) 279-5262 and we will do our best to set you up with the provider of your choice.

AHCCCS and most private insurance accepted. For more information call (602) 279-5262.

NATIVE HEALTH is here for you.


NATIVE HEALTH Virtual Visits offers the following:

  1. In person/in office means that your session  is conducted with you and your provider in the office.  To minimize exposure as much as possible, this is not recommended at this timefor most visits.  Please call us and we will discuss your symptoms and questions and will determine with you which of these is most appropriate. 
  2. Telephonic means that your session is conducted over the telephone, only.
  3. Telehealth means that your session is conducted through Zoom,which connects you with both audio and video components, for your session.
  • If you want your session to be held in-person/in office, your Provider will have limited days and times that they are in the office to schedule an appointment with you. 
  • Recommended: If you want your session to be held telephonically, please inform the individual scheduling your appointment and a provider will contact you at your scheduled  appointment.  Please provide your most current up-to-date  contact information when you schedule  your appointment. 

We are here to support you and make your care as easy as possible, the way you want and when you want.

The care you need with the convenience you want

Virtual visits are available for routine appointments, medication renewal requests, help with your diabetes or high blood pressure or if you just don’t feel well.  Behavioral health services include psychiatry and individual counseling, with group services now offered in an individual counseling format.  Emergency dental services are also offered telephonically. See a NATIVE HEALTH medical, dental, or behavioral health provider when and where it is most convenient for you and from the safety and comfort of your own home.

  • No special software, apps or passwords needed
  • Same-day appointments available.

If you have an existing medical or behavioral health provider at NATIVE HEALTH, you’ll be paired with that provider whenever possible. If it is determined that an in-person visit is needed, an appointment can be made for you during your virtual visit.

Care is a click away

You’ll receive a text or email link 15-30 minutes before your scheduled appointment. One click opens the “virtual waiting room,” where your provider will join you shortly to start your visit. This visit is covered by AHCCCS.


Schedule your appointment now by calling NATIVE HEALTH at (602) 279-5262.


Frequently asked questions

What is a virtual visit?
Virtual visits are secure video or phone appointments with a NATIVE HEALTH medical, dental or behavioral health provider to address your regular medical and behavioral health needs. Providers can see, listen to and engage with you to diagnose health issues and provide a treatment plan and/or provide ongoing services. This even includes emergency dental appointments. Virtual visits take place on your smartphone, tablet, or computer, and you don’t need any special software, apps or passwords.

What conditions can be evaluated with a virtual visit? And what conditions cannot be treated by virtual visits?
Virtual visits are available for routine primary care appointments, managing most chronic conditions (including diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.), medication renewal requests, follow-ups, lab/radiology results,  or if you’re not feeling well. Many sick visits can be managed with a virtual visit. Please call to discuss your symptoms with a medical provider before you come in person to the clinic

For behavioral health, individual counseling services, psychiatric visits, case management services, and treatment planning appointments can all be provided in this format.


If you’re having a medical emergency, please call 911.

If you’re experiencing a behavioral health crisis, please call (602) 222-9444.


How much does it cost? Do you accept insurance?
NATIVE HEALTH accepts AHCCCS and some private insurance.  There is also a discount fee program available and virtual visits are covered under the discount fee program. If needed, you will be connected with a Family Health Advocate to verify your resources prior to your visit with a provider.

When are NATIVE HEALTH providers available for a virtual visit?
NATIVE HEALTH’s medical providers are available five (5)  days a week: Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m.-6:30 p.m.  Behavioral Health providers are available five (5) days per week, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.  The emergency Dental provider is available Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 P.M.

How does it work?
Once your appointment is scheduled, NATIVE HEALTH will send you a text or email link approximately 15 to 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment. Clicking the link will place you in your provider’s virtual waiting room. Your provider will start your appointment soon thereafter. Please note that when we call you for your virtual appointment the phone number will be BLOCKED. Please answer your phone if you have a virtual appointment with a provider.

Will my provider have access to my health records during my virtual visit?
If you’re already a NATIVE HEALTH patient and have previously given your medical information to your provider, yes. All the medical records your NATIVE HEALTH provider has previously collected will be available during your visit.

Do I need to make an appointment? How do I do that?
Yes, appointments are required. Same-day appointments are often available. To schedule a virtual visit, call NATIVE HEALTH at (602) 279-5262 regardless of which NATIVE HEALTH location you use.  We will do our best to schedule you with your primary provider.  Again, please call (602) 279-5262 for an appointment.

In addition, for Behavioral Health appointments you can also email Carmen at For dental appointments please contact  For all email communications please include just your phone number.  Please do not include any personal health information. 

Is my visit private and protected?
Patient privacy is of the utmost importance to NATIVE HEALTH. All virtual visits are private and adhere to the applicable HIPAA privacy and security standards required by law. Have more questions? Please contact our Compliance Director at