Discount Program

Discount Program (formerly Sliding Fee Scale) 

The Discount Program provides a way for NATIVE HEALTH patients to have access to low-cost quality medical, dental and behavioral health services and is only available at NATIVE HEALTH Central and NHW Community Health Center.

All Discount Program applicants will be screened for eligibility for AHCCCS Medical Programs. If eligible, a Patient Enrollment Specialist will assist in completing the application.

Your household size and income with determine your eligibility and fee amount. Your income must be within set Federal Poverty Level (FPL) Guidelines. Guidelines are updated every year.

The Discount Program covers most services at NATIVE HEALTH by its providers. You will be responsible for an office visit fee at each appointment. Fee is determined once an application has been submitted with a Patient Enrollment Specialist.


1. How can I apply for the Discount Program?

As a new patient you will be directed to see a Patient Enrollment Specialist (PES) at your first clinic visit to discuss and apply you for the discount program, if you so choose. You will have 45-days to submit your necessary documents in order to qualify for the discount program.

2. What documents do I need to bring when I apply?

– Current photo ID

– Tribal ID or CIB

– Current income verification information for you and everyone in your household

3. I have health insurance; can I still apply for the Discount Program?

Yes. If you qualify, the discount will be applied to any balance that insurance doesn’t cover (i.e. high deductibles, co-payments).

4. I applied for the discount program a year ago. Do I have to do it again for the new year?

Yes. Each year you have to re-apply for the discount program to verify your current financial status, even if it hasn’t changed from the prior year.

5. I live with a domestic partner, who is not my spouse. Do they and their income count as part of my household?

It depends. Your household includes yourself, spouse and dependent family or all people in your residence with whom you share resources and therefore would be recognized as a family.

6. What counts as income?

Income including but not limited to: Employment income, Social Security benefits, Unemployment income, self-employment income, Pension/retirement benefits, and other forms of income that has been received within 30 days of the date of the Discount Program application. Assets are not counted as income.

7. I have roommates or visitors during part of the year. Are they part of my household?

No. You do not need to include them on your application.

8. I am not a US citizen. Can I still apply for the discount program?

Yes. Anyone can apply. We will still need to see proof of income which will be considered in the US dollar equivalent.

9. What services are covered under the discount program?

The Discount Program is not health insurance. Your office visit, behavioral health visits, dental visits, lab test and prenatal that are processed and done at a NATIVE HEALTH clinic is covered.

10. What services are NOT covered under the discount program?

Services processed and done outside of a NATIVE HEALTH clinic are NOT covered.

11. I am currently unemployed and have no income and insurance. What can I do?

You may qualify for our discount program. You may be asked to complete and sign a self-declaration of no income. However, when your financial circumstance changes, you must re-apply for our discount program.

12. Can I apply for state assistance through the Patient Enrollment Specialist (PES)?

Yes. Our PES’ can assist you with applying for AHCCCS, KidsCare, and the Health Insurance Marketplace.

13. I own my own business; what documents do you need for me to qualify for your discount program?

You will need to submit your most recently filed 1040 Tax Form including all attachments or supporting documents. Your net business income is used to determine eligibility for the discount program which is found on Schedule C of the tax forms. If your business is incorporated and you pay yourself a salary, you must provide only your personal tax return showing your compensation.

If you have any additional questions that was not answered, please ask one of our Patient Enrollment Specialist  (PES) representative and they’ll be happy to go over the discount program with you in more detail.

Thank you for choosing NATIVE HEALTH as your health care medical and dental home. `