NATIVE HEALTH Tooth Fairy Gala

The NATIVE HEALTH Tooth Fairy Gala helps support NATIVE HEALTH provide the oral health needs for the American Indian and under-served community in Phoenix.

We did it!! In recognition of the National Children’s Dental Health Month and the Random Act of Kindness Day NATIVE HEALTH hosted the inaugural Tooth Fairy Gala on February 17, 2024. The event was held at the Arizona Science Center and was a magical evening that could not have happened without the tremendous support of our sponsors, underwriters, staff, talented entertainers, artists, and community members!
We are so thankful for everyone and all our sponsors that pledged their support, the artists and organizations that shared your talents with us, and all those that partook in the night’s festivities.
Special thanks to Kristopher Dosela and the Chi’Chino Spirit of the O’odham Dance Group for the Opening Prayer and Land Acknowledgment as well as the special gift for our guest of honor Dr. George Blue Spruce. Guests participated in an honorary round dance to celebrate the tremendous work of the visionary and dedication of Dr. Blue Spruce. 
Through Dr. Blue Spruce’s work as the first Native American Dentist and continued leader in health career development we share a common goal of health equity that is important to us at NATIVE HEALTH. The Tooth Fairy Gala provided the platform to highlight the NH dental program and fundraise to raise the bar for dental outreach and accessible and equitable services. 


NATIVE HEALTH thanks the following sponsors, underwriters and supporters of the 2024 Tooth Fairy Gala



NATIVE HEALTH Oral Healthcare Program

The NATIVE HEALTH Oral Healthcare Program provides preventative, acute, and restorative dental health care needs to our Indigenous community and other underserved individuals and families within the Phoenix metro area. The dental program will soon be growing to include services at NATIVE HEALTH’s three locations. The program is highly active in outreach activities, providing much needed services to individuals and families that have difficulties overcoming transportation barriers. The goal is to enable our program to provide services to the very youngest and oldest community members, including specialty care in our Mesa clinic to address those concerns that are of utmost importance and require swift attention. Visit for more information.