COVID-19 vaccinations available at all NATIVE HEALTH sites

Pfizer COVID-19 vaccinations are available for ages 6 months and older, at all NATIVE HEALTH clinics: NATIVE HEALTH Central, NHW Community Health Center, NATIVE HEALTH Mesa, by appointment, Monday-Friday.

Pfizer COVID-19 vaccinations are available for six months and older, at all three NATIVE HEALTH clinics: Native Health Central, NHW Community Health Center and Native Health Mesa by appointment, Monday-Friday. NATIVE HEALTH also provides vaccines at different community locations with our mobile health unit at specified events, for anyone over the age of six months. Updated and detailed locations, dates, and times are posted on NATIVE HEALTH’s Facebook page.

For more information please call Amber at (602) 541-8680 or email:

For more information check the CDC website at:


What is the COVID-19 Bivalent Booster, and should I get it?

The bivalent vaccine is available for children and adults 6 months old and older. The bivalent vaccine is an updated formula to better protect against circulating COVID-19 variants.

Everyone 6 months and older should get at least one bivalent vaccine dose. Individuals 65 years and older are eligible for an additional bivalent dose.