NATIVE HEALTH’s Indigenous Cook-Off 2021 – Dessert Round-Pinole

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NATIVE HEALTH’s Indigenous Cook-Off is back! The cook-off consists of four challenges that will highlight a meal with a different Indigenous ingredient, and you, the awesome home chef, chef, or foodie, will send us a 1 minute video, showing us your awesome cooking abilities! First, second and third winners will receive:

  • First prize = $100 gift card
  • Second prize = $50 gift card
  • Third prize = $25 gift card 

For the final round, you will make a dessert, using Pinole, a roasted ground maize, which is then mixed with a combination of cocoa, agave, cinnamon, chia seeds, vanilla, or other spices. Pinole must be the featured ingredient. ​You will need to submit your video by Sunday, December 5, 2021. Register below after reading our rules and guidelines:

NATIVE HEALTH Indigenous Cook-Off Participant Rules and Guidelines:

Please read ALL the rules to ensure you understand what is required of you to participate and the criteria for your submissions.

  1. Participants will be given a $25 gift card and one Indigenous ingredient to use for their dish.
  2. The dish you are creating must fall within the specified course (i.e., salad, appetizer, entrée or dessert). Ex: salad could be fresh greens, pasta salad, etc.
  3. We ask that the dish be health conscious, but do not let that keep you from being creative.
  4. It is encouraged for participants to mention healthy eating and/or healthy habits during the food demo.
  5. NATIVE HEALTH asks that individuals who have NOT signed a photo release to not be in any media that is submitted, this could result in your submission not being included.
  6. NATIVE HEALTH asks that you submit 2 photos: 1 of the chef cooking and 1 of the finished dish.
  7. Participants agree to submit a 1-MINUTE VIDEO by the specified deadline via WeTransfer:
  8. Participants agree to have their Indigenous Cook-Off photo and video submissions posted on NATIVE HEALTH’s Facebook page and can be used on other NATIVE HEALTH media outlets.
  9. NATIVE HEALTH reserves the right to not post any forms of media that are offensive, include inappropriate content or copywritten material.
Video Submission Guidelines:
  • Please DO NOT use copyrighted music of any type! If music is used, the video will not be included.
  • Try to limit any background noise. NO music or movies should be heard in the playback of the video. If any music or other copywritten media is detected in the video, the video will not be included.
  • The video can be less than a minute but no longer than a minute and a half (1:30 minutes).
  • Be sure that you view the finished video before submitting it, to ensure there are no errors.
  • If you have any complications submitting the video email Shaine at: as soon as possible.
  • LATE SUBMISSIONS are at the risk of not being included.
Winner Selection:
  • Completed videos will be posted on NATIVE HEALTH’s Facebook page, where the public will be able to vote on their favorite dish. Be sure to ask your friends and family to vote!
  • Videos will also be judged separately by NATIVE HEALTH based on creativity, health consciousness, and visual appearance. This will be done a scale of 1-3: One = lacking; Two = meets; Three = exceeds.
  • The average of both scores will determine the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners. Which will be announced two days after the polling closes on Facebook.

For more information or questions please email: