Patient Rights and Responsibilities

Patients have a fundamental right to medical care that safeguards their personal dignity and respects their cultural, psychosocial, and spiritual values. NATIVE HEALTH sites and programs strives to provide understanding and respect of these values in meeting patient’s needs as long as these values are within the health center’s capacity, its stated mission and philosophy, and relevant laws and regulations. We honor and attest to your rights as a patient to:


  • Receive appropriate medical, dental, and behavioral health care without discrimination
  • Communicate and receive a timely response to your concerns by contacting NATIVE HEALTH employees
  • Access protective services
  • Receive referrals to other health care professionals to optimize health status
  • Communication assistance if you do not speak or read English, or are hearing or visually impaired
  • Patients have the right to change providers if other qualified providers are available


  • Be assured of the confidentiality of your health information
  • Make informed choices about your care and treatment, including the decision to refuse treatment
  • Complete an Advance Directive/Living Will and have your stated wishes honored
  • Be assured of considerate and respectful treatment regardless of race, color, creed, ethnic or national origin, cultural background, religion or belief, age, sex, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, economic status, education, disability or illness
  • Not be subjected to abuse, neglect, exploitation, coercion, manipulation, sexual abuse, sexual assault, restraint or seclusion, retaliation for submitting a complaint or misappropriation of personal and private property by NATIVE HEALTH’s personnel.


  • Involve family members and friends in your care, when it is safe and possible


  • Participate in the development and implementation of care along with your chosen family and representatives
  • Know the name of your primary medical, dental or behavioral health provider
  • Know the names and professional titles of caregivers participating in your care
  • Participate in the development and implementation of your care plan
  • Appoint a representative of your choice to make informed decisions about your care


  • Be given complete and current information about your diagnosis, condition, and treatment and outcomes of care, including unanticipated outcomes, in a manner that you can understand
  • Participate in decisions about your diagnosis, treatment and care
  • Know the potential risks and benefits of procedures and treatments
  • Receive and examine an explanation of charges, regardless of source of payment in a manner that you can understand
  • Receive health information and education to optimize your health and self- management


  • Be cared for in a healing environment which is clean, safe, and respectful of your personal privacy
  • Receive appropriate pain assessment and management with the intention to maximize your comfort


  • Express concerns, be heard, and receive an appropriate response


  • Expect reasonable continuity of care and be advised of continuing healthcare requirements

As a partner on your healthcare team, we ask you to:

  • Provide complete and accurate information about your current and past state of health, including allergies, past illnesses, hospitalizations, and the medications you are taking
  • Report changes in your condition or symptoms, including pain, to a member of the healthcare team
  • Talk to us about your pain and options for minimizing it
  • Ask questions when you do not understand what we are saying or asking you to do
  • Follow the treatment plan that you developed with your healthcare providers
  • Accept responsibility for your health outcome, if you choose not to follow your treatment plan
  • Follow the rules and regulations of our health center, which have been put in place for your safety and the safety of others
  • Assist us in providing a safe environment by sharing your observations if you perceive unsafe conditions or practices
  • Show respect and consideration for your healthcare professionals and other patients and families by controlling noise and disturbances, not smoking, and respecting other’s property
  • Assure your financial obligation for health care is fulfilled as promptly as possible

If you would like to express a concern or complaint about your care, treatment or safety, please email the Quality Improvement Coordinator:

Click here: patient’s rights & responsibilites-REV 02-2017 to download an Adobe PDF version of the NATIVE HEALTH’s Patient Rights and Responsibilities Policy, in English and Spanish.